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The Blessed Frederic and His Franciscan Way    

Frederic Janssoone Modele aujourd'hui 02

Père Frederic Janssoone (+1916) was responsible for the pilgrimages to Cap-de-la-Madeleine during the last fourteen years of his life. In his later years, he traveled as a pilgrim to the open ranges of the four dioceses (Québec, Trois-Rivières, Joliette and Valleyfiedl). He sold books he had written himself. The money went either to the Holy Land or to the parishes he visited. He spread the gospel widely.

Père Frederic speaks to us still today. He kept on the move, led by intense prayer. He knew what he had to do and held to his witness as a man of the gospel. Years have passed since then. Quebec has secularized. That does not mean there is no more conflict between people and their conflicting minds and ways. Père Frederic’s Franciscan practice traces a road to travel and peace to share.

Roland Bonenfant, OFM